What do we think we know because of the stories we’ve been told?

In our Story Ambassadors program, one of our teaching artists works with a classroom teacher, one hour a week for 12 weeks, to create an exciting, meaningful story exchange between a group of local students and a group of their peers in another country.

Using Skype, email, smartphones, and other technology, students exchange photos, videos, and creative work with each other. They learn about the world beyond our borders from people their own age who actually live in the places they’re learning about.

And at the same time, they teach their international partners about what it means to be a young person in the USA. The students in both countries serve as primary sources for each other, bypassing stereotypes. Letting them celebrate the similarities and the differences between us. Helping them find the common humanity that we all share.

We customize each program to fit into the existing curriculum. And we handle the logistics of the international collaboration, from connecting students to their partners overseas to producing a final project that showcases students’ hard work.

See photos and descriptions of some of our international collaborations in our Project Showcase. Learn how to bring Story Ambassadors to your school here.